RAY works a mundane job at a funeral home while trying to deal with his separation and pending divorce from JENNIFER, whom he still loves. On top of this, he experiences vivid dreams and
waking visions which seem to give him insight into future situations, which his psychiatrist says are just fantasies. On
a whim, he enters an Occult Shop where the owner suggests he may have spiritual powers, but he’s blocking himself.

When Ray meets NICOLE, a dancer in a mystical-themedperformance troupe, he feels an immediate connection and they
begin a relationship. However, Ray comes to realize that beingwith Jennifer is his right path in life, and he withdraws from Nicole, who tries to attach herself to him to the point of obsession.

Ray battles his gift until one day he visions his psychiatrists’ young daughter getting a fatal disease. As Ray delves deeper into himself, recording his dreams on audio-discs, he becomes aware of and accepts his intuitive abilities. Ray heals the daughter through shamanism, proving to himself that he wasn’t simply going crazy. With this affirmation, he sets off to reconcile with Jennifer and start his life on the right path, but in the intertwined world of real, unreal and surreal, death becomes an ever-present part of Ray’s life when Nicole does not let him go easily.

“Eyes of Dreams” is a magic-realist story that combines physical, mental and spiritual levels of reality to create a complex narrative tapestry in which the boundaries between external and internal worlds become blurred.